Medeasblik, Medemblik

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    Medeasblik was one of four burgs in West Fleeland, in the times of Adela. It was located three poles, or a half tide north of the Aldergamouth with its Treasureburg. In the times of Frethorik, the burg was destroyed by water in what must have been a cataclysmic event.

    The name can be related to the city Medemblik, but as with many toponyms that seem to have modern equivalents, the location may not be exactly the same.


    1b. Adela’s Advice

    [004] Tuntia, maid of the burg Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK), never aspired to it, though she is full of wisdom and clarity, and as loyal to her folk and our ways as all others combined.

    1c. Names of the Reeves

    [005] Enoch, Diwek’s man, reeve of West Fleeland and Texland, was chosen as sea king nine times. The Treasureburg, Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S BLIK), Forana, and Old Fryasburg are under his care.

    2a. Festa, Take up your Stylus

    [005] The following was inscribed on the walls of Fryas­burg at Texland, as well as at Stavia and Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S BLIK): [006] It was Frya’s Day, seven times seven years since Festa had been ordained Folksmother in accordance with Frya’s desire. The burg Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK) was ready and a maid had been chosen. Now it was time for Festa to light the new Lamp, (...)

    8a. Magyars and Finns

    [050] The Treasureburg (...) is located three poles, or a half tide, south of Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK).

    11c. Death of the Magus

    [085/12] Then he sailed up the Flee Lake, as he wanted to abduct the burgmaid of Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK) or Staveren to install her as mother. (...) Now they set to work and sailed with their small fleet to Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK), where they hid in the shadow of the trees. It was a clear, sunlit day when the magus reached Medeasblik (MÉDÉA.S.BLIK), though that did not keep his men from brazenly storming the burg.
    [087] As the steersmen lay waiting in the creek, a quipster from Staveren was among them, who said: “Medea may laugh (MÉDÉA MÉI LAKKJA), if us hiding in a creek can save her burg!” Thus, the maidens named the creek ‘Medea-mei-lakkia’ (MÉDÉA MÉI LAKKIA).

    14a. Fryasland Swamped (implicit mention)

    [116] The other burgs fared the same as ours; in the highlands they were crushed by earth, in the lowlands by water. Only Fryasburg at Texland was found intact, but all the land that had lain northwards was under water and still has not been reclaimed.

    15d. Frana’s Will

    [141/26] If I should fall before I have named a successor, I recommend Tuntia, who is burgmaid at the burg Medeasblik (MÉDÉAS.BLIK).


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    Hadrianus Junius 'Batavia' (Latin, publ. 1588, written c. 1570), p. [302-303], Dutch translation N. de Glas 'Holland is een eiland' (2011), p. 369: reference to utter destruction in 1290 of the 'over-ancient' burg (Glas: "oeroude burcht"). Also:

    Fabulosam Medaeam huic monen dedisse vulgi opinio tenet, quae ex inaurato aere in bracteâ ductili expressa, turrisq́ue editissimae fastigio imposita, procul signum nautis viatoribusq́ue dederit. (Transl. Glas: "Het volk gelooft dat de naam afgeleid is van de sprookjesheks Medea. Zij stond afgebeeld in verguld brons op een dunne metalen plaat en op de hoogste torenspits wenkte ze de zeelui en reizigers van verre." Or: The people believe that the name is derived from the fairy witch Medea. She was depicted in gilded bronze on a thin metal plate and on the highest spire she beckoned sailors and travelers from afar.)

    K. Tilmans (red.) 'De Divisiekroniek van 1517'; (div. 1-28); Transcr. van Kon. Bibl. Den Haag, KB 106 (copied from

    Dat viij. capittel. "mer doen coninc Rathbolt wederquam tot Medemblick, daer zijn coninclicke sale ende hof stont, nadat hi van Uutrecht verjaecht was, ende sach dat die tempelen ende afgoden in zijn lant, ende bisonder Medea, zijn overste afgoddinne tot Medemblick staende..."

    J.C. Hooftman (Westfries Genootschap) 'Medemblik: Jaartallen tot 1300'.



    Medea (MÉDÉA) is mentioned in ch. 14g together with Frya, Festa, Thiania (Diana) and Hellenia.