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    13. Added by Apollania

    13a. Adel-Bond Alliance

    [090] I am called Apollania. Twice thirty days after my mother died, my brother Adelbrost was found slain upon the wharf, his skull split and his limbs torn asunder. My father, who was already ill, died of the shock. Then my younger brother, Apol, decided to leave and sail to the west coast of Skeanland, where he built a burg named Lindasburg and prepared to take revenge.[1] For this, Wralda granted him long life. He received five sons, who are a curse to the Magy and a blessing to my brother.

    After the deaths of my mother and brother, the most devoted in the land came together and made an alliance, named the ‘Adel-Bond’.

    For our protection, my youngest brother, Adelheart, and I were hidden in the burg;[2] I with the young maidens and he with the garrison. At the age of thirty, I was elected burgmaid. My brother was elected reeve when he was fifty. He was the sixth from my mother’s side, but from my father’s side the third. Thus, according to the law, his descendants could not use Overa Linda as their surname, [091] but everyone wanted to make an exception, to honor my mother.

    They also gave us a copy of the Book of the Adela-Followers. This pleases me most, because my mother’s wisdom brought it into the world.

    In the burg, I found yet other writings that are not in the book, and an ode to my mother. All this, I will copy here.


    1. ‘Lindasburg’ — Lindesnes, Norway; also referred to in ch. 16b, Alliances [147/10], as Lindasnose.
    2. ‘in the burg' — here and in the following texts, when Apollania refers to her burg, she is referring to Liudgarda in East Fleeland (likely at or near Leeuwarden in the modern province Friesland).

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.125 cont.] My name is Apollonia. Two-and-thirty days after my mother's death my brother Adelbrost was found murdered on the wharf, his skull fractured and his limbs torn asunder. My father, who lay ill, died of fright. Then my younger brother, Apol, sailed from here to the west side of Schoonland. There he built a citadel named Lindasburgt,[1] in order there to avenge our wrong. Wr-alda accorded him many years for that. He had five sons, who all caused fear [p.127] to Magy, and brought fame to my brother. After the death of my mother and my brother, all the bravest of the land joined together and made a covenant, called the Adelbond. In order to preserve us from injury, they brought me and my youngest brother, Adelhirt, to the burgt—me to the maidens, and him to the warriors. When I was thirty years old I was chosen as Burgtmaagd, and my brother at fifty was chosen Grevetman. From mother's side my brother was. the sixth, but from father's side the third. 'By right, therefore, his descendants could not put "overa Linda" after their names, but they all wished to do it in honour of their mother. In addition to this, there was given to us also a copy of "The Book of Adela's Followers." That gave me the most pleasure, because it came into the world by my mother's wisdom. In the burgt I have found other writings also in praise of my mother. All this I will write afterwards.

    Note Sandbach

    1. Lindasburch, on Cape Lindanaes, Norway.

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