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    14f. Northland

    [130/21] This writing was given to me about Northland, also called Skeanland:

    During the time when our lands sank down, I was in Skeanland. This is what happened there.

    There were great masses that bulged forth from Earth’s surface like boils. Then they burst asunder, and from the cracks flowed a substance like glowing iron. There were mountains whose crowns collapsed and tumbled downward to decimate woods and towns. I myself witnessed one mountain [131] being torn from another and sinking straight down. When I went there afterwards to look, a lake had come into being.

    When Earth had recovered, a military leader from Lindasburg came with his folk and a maiden who proclaimed everywhere that the magus was responsible for all that we had suffered. They were constantly on the move and their host grew stronger. The magus fled. His corpse was found. He had killed himself. Next, the Finns were driven to a place where they were permitted to live. There were some of mixed blood, who were allowed to stay. But many went with the Finns. The military leader was elected king. The temples that had remained intact were destroyed. Ever since, the good Northmen often visit Texland to consult the mother, though we can no longer consider them true Fryas. In the Denmarks, it was surely the same as with us. The steersmen, who proudly call themselves 'sea warriors' or 'sea campaigners',[1] had boarded their ships and afterwards returned.



    1. ‘sea campaigners’ (SÉKÀMPAR) — or: ‘champions’; possibly related to ‘sicambri’ of Latin sources (also see ch. 7a).

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.179] This Writing has been given to me about Northland and Schoonland (Scandinavia).

    When our land was submerged I was in Schoonland. It was very bad there. There were great lakes which rose from the earth like bubbles, then burst asunder, and from the rents flowed a stuff like red-hot iron. The tops of high mountains fell and destroyed whole forests and villages. I myself saw one mountain torn from another and fall straight down. When I afterwards went to see the place there was a lake there. When the earth was composed there came a duke of Lindasburgt with his people, and one maiden who cried everywhere, Magy is the cause of all the misery that we have suffered. They continued their progress, and their hosts increased. The Malty fled, and his corpse was found where he had killed himself. Then the Finns were driven to one place where they might live. There were some of mixed blood who were allowed to stay, but most of them went with the Finns. The duke was chosen as king. The temples which had remained whole were destroyed. Since that time the good Northmen come often to Texland for the advice of the mother; still we cannot consider them real Frisians. In Denmark it has certainly happened as with us. The sea-people, who call themselves famous sea-warriors, went on board their ships, and afterwards went back again.


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