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    Ott 2023

    13b. A Treacherous Maid

    [091/11] These are the writings left by Bruno, who was scribe at this burg:

    After the Adela-Followers made copies of the writings on the burg walls, each in his own district, they decided to elect a Folksmother. A General Assembly was convened here for this purpose. In keeping with Adela’s earlier advice, Tuntia was nominated. And this would have been successful, until my burgmaid asked to take the floor. She had always hoped to become Folksmother because she had her seat in the burg here, where most elected mothers had been burgmaids. When it was her turn to speak, she parted her faithless lips and declared: “You all seem very attached to Adela’s advice, but that will not keep me silent.

    “Who [092] is Adela anyway and whence comes it that she merits such high praise? Like me now, she was once a burgmaid here. But does that make her wiser or better than me and all the others? Or is she more versed in our morals and traditions? If so, she should have become mother when she was asked. But no, she preferred marriage, with all its joys and pleasures, instead of watching over herself and the folk in solitude. True, she has very clear sight. But my eyes are far from blind. I have observed that she adores her beloved Apol. That is admirable indeed. But I also note that Tuntia is Apol’s kinswoman. Nothing more will I say.”

    The chieftains understood very well what she was implying,[1] but dispute arose among the folk, and the majority, being from here, refused to grant Tuntia the honor. Reasoning ceased, knives were drawn, and no mother was elected. Shortly thereafter, one of our messengers killed his comrade. He had committed no past crimes, [093] so my burgmaid was permitted to help him beyond the boundaries of our land. However, instead of delivering him into the Twiskland, she herself fled with him over the Weser, straight to the magus. The magus, who wished to placate the Frya folk living in his lands, appointed her mother of Godaburg in Skeanland.[2] But she desired more, telling him that, if he could remove Adela, he would be master over all Fryasland. She said that she hated Adela for having prevented her being elected mother and that, if he would promise her Texland, her messenger would serve as guide to his army.

    All this was confessed by her messenger himself.


    1. ‘what she was implying’ (HWÉR HJU HLY SOCHTE) — lit.: ‘where she sought lee (shelter, cover, defense, protection)’.
    2. ‘Godaburg’ — or: Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.127 cont.] These are the writings left by Bruno, who was the writer of this burgt. After the followers of Adele had made copies, each in his kingdom, of what was inscribed upon the walls of the burgt, they resolved to choose a mother. For this purpose a general assembly was called at this farm. By the first advice of Adela, Teuntje was recommended. That would have been arranged, only that my Burgtmaagd asked to speak: she had always supposed that she would be chosen mother, because she was at the burgt from which mothers had generally been chosen. When she was allowed to speak, she opened her false lips and said: You all seem to place great value on Adela's advice, but that shall not shut my mouth. Who is Adele, and whence comes it that you respect her so highly? She was what I am now, a Burgtmaagd of this [p.129] place; is she, then, wiser and better than I and all the others? or is she more conversant with our laws and customs? If that had been the case, she would have become mother when she was chosen; but instead of that, she preferred matrimony to a single life, watching over herself and her people. She is certainly very clear-sighted, but my eyes are far from being dim. I have observed that she is very much attached to her husband, which is very praiseworthy; but I see, likewise, that Teuntje is Apol's niece. Further I say nothing.

    The principal people understood very well which way the wind blew with her; but among the people there arose disputes, and as most of the people came from here, they would not give the honour to Teuntje. The conferences were ended, knives were drawn, and no mother was chosen. Shortly afterwards one of oar messengers killed his comrade. As he had been a man of good character hitherto, my Burgtmaagd had permission to help him over the frontier; but instead of helping him over to Twiskland (Germany), she fled with him herself to Wesara, and then to the Magy. The Magy, who wished to please his sons of Frye, appointed her mother of Godaburgt, in Schoonland; but she wished for more, and she told him that if he could get Adele out of the way he might become master of the whole of Frya's land. She said she hated Adele for having prevented her from being chosen mother. If be would promise her Tex-land, her messenger should serve as guide to his warriors. All this was confessed by her messenger.

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