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    2c. Lyda was Black

    [007] Lyda was black, curly-haired as the lambs. Her eyes blazed like stars. Yea, the vulture’s stare was timid next to hers.

    Keen Lyda! A snake she could hear creeping and, wherever there were fish in the water, that would not escape the notice of her nostrils.

    Well-knit Lyda![1] A strong tree she could bend and, when she ran, not a flower stem would break under her feet.

    Powerful Lyda! Loud was her voice and, if she shouted in anger, all ran quickly away.

    Mysterious Lyda! She cared not for laws. Her deeds were driven by her passions. To help the tender, she would kill the strong and, when she had done so, she would weep over the corpse.

    Poor Lyda! She was turned gray from her capricious ways and, in the end, she died of a broken heart for the badness of her children.

    Foolish children! They accused each other of their mother’s death. They howled like wolves and fought one another. And, as they did so, the birds devoured her body. Who (at hearing this) can hold back his tears?


    1. ‘well-knit’ — closest English word that maintains a similar meaning and structure to the original word (RÀD​.BVWDE). However, ‘well-knit’ generally means ‘strong’, while the meaning here implies ‘strong yet nimble’.

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.13 cont.] Lyda was black, with hair curled like a lamb's; her eyes shone like stars, and shot out glances like those of a bird of prey.

    Lyda was acute. She could hear a snake glide, and could smell a fish in the water.

    Lyda was strong and nimble. She could bend a large tree, yet when she walked she did not bruise a flower-stalk.

    Lyda was violent. Her voice was loud, and when she screamed in anger every creature quailed.

    [p.15] Wonderful Lyda! She had no regard for laws; her actions were governed by her passions. To help the weak she would kill the strong, and when she had done it she would weep by their bodies.

    Poor Lyda! She turned grey by her mad behaviour, and at last she died heart-broken by the wickedness of her children. Foolish children! They accused each other of their mother's death. They howled and fought like wolves, and while they did this the birds devoured the corpse. Who can refrain from tears at such a recital?

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