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    1c. Names of the Reeves

    [005/08] These are the names of the reeves under whose charge this book was composed:

    Apol, Adela’s man, thrice was he sea king. Now he is reeve of East Fleeland and the Linde regions.[1] The burgs Liudgarda, Lindaheim, and Stavia are under his care.[2]

    Storo the Saxman, Sytia’s man, reeve of the High Fens and Woods, nine times was he chosen army leader. The burgs Buda and Mannagardaforda are under his care.[3]

    Abelo, Yaltia’s man, reeve of the Southern Fleelands, has been army leader four times. The burgs Aken, Liudburg, and Kate’s Burg are under his care.[4]

    Enoch, Diwek’s man, reeve of West Fleeland and Texland,[5] was chosen as sea king nine times. The Treasureburg, Medeasblik, Forana, and Old Fryasburg are under his care.[6]

    Foppo, man of Dunros, reeve of the Seven Islands,[7] was sea king five times. The burg Walhallagara is under his care.[8]


    1. ‘East Fleeland and the Linde regions’ (ÁST.FLÍ.LÁND ... LINDA.WRDA) — the ‘Flee’ (Dutch: Vlie) was a stream flowing into the North Sea between what are now the West Frisian Islands Vlieland and Terschelling (see map). The port Staveren/Stavia (see Index of Names) was located along this stream. Remnants of East Fleeland will be at least the Dutch province Friesland (Vlieland excluded), perhaps also Groningen, Drenthe, and the region East Frisia in Lower Saxony, Germany. The Linde regions (or Linde wards) likely refers to the area along the Linde (or Lende), a small river in the province Friesland.
    2. ‘Stavia’, elsewhere also spelled Stav(e)re(n)/Stavora likely refers to the town of Stavoren; various coastal villages and towns in Greece named Σταυρός (Stavros) may also be related.
    3. ‘Mannagardaforda’ — Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, was known as Mimigernaford in the 6th Century CE.
    4. ‘Aken’ (ÁKEN) — means 'known' based on use in ch. 1b, [002] Adela's Advice; likely refers to Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The other burg names (Liudburg, Kat(e’)s Burg), as yet offer no such clear match. Ottema related ‘Katsburg’ to Kassel, but that is almost another 300 km eastward (thus not in the Southern Fleelands); compare footnote KATTA.BURCH at [150/24].
    5. The West-Frisian Island Texel/Tessel seems an obvious remnant of what would have been a larger island or peninsula judging by the large sandbanks surrounding it. Remnant of West Fleeland will at least be the region West-Friesland and the rest of the province North Holland. The name Texel may also be related to Thessaloniki (Macedonia, Greece) and Taxila (Punjab, Pakistan).
    6. Medeasblik, Forana, and Old Fryasburg seem related to Medemblik, Vronen (a former town north of Alkmaar, destroyed in 1297) and Den Burg (Texel). According to the description at the beginning of chapter 8a, the Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURCH) was located at the Aldergamouth (ALDER.GÁ.MVDE) three poles, or half of a tide (unknown units of distance) south of Medeasblik; this may be around where Hoorn is now. A stream named ‘Gouw’ (GÁ) is known to have had its mouth there. For more about Alderga, its mouth and the Treasureburg, see ch. 13i, [110/15].
    7. ‘The Seven Islands’ (SJVGUN É.LÁNDA) — likely the (former) islands (and peninsulas?) of the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta (Zeeland).
    8. The name Walhallagara may be related to the former island Walcheren; Middelburg (capital of the province Zeeland) and Domburg are located there, as well as Vlissingen, the name of which local legend says is derived from Ulysses (see ch. 10a, [075] Ulysus).

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.11 cont.] These are the Grevetmen under whose direction this book is composed:—

    Apol, Adela's husband; three times a sea-king; Grevetman of Ostflyland and Lindaoorden. The towns Liudgarda, Lindahem, and Stavia are under his care.

    The Saxman Storo, Sytia's husband; Grevetman over the Hoogefennen and Wouden. Nine times he was chosen as duke or heerman (commander). The towns Buda and Manna-garda-forda are under his care.

    Abêlo, Jaltia's husband; Grevetman over the Zuiderfly-landen. He was three times heerman. The towns Aken, Liudburg, and Katsburg are under his care.

    Enoch, Dywcke's husband; Grevetman over Westflyland and Texel. He was chosen nine times for sea-king. Waraburg, Medeasblik, Forana, and Fryasburg are under his care.

    Foppe, Dunroo's husband; Grevetman over the seven islands. He was five times sea-king. The town Walhallagara is under his care.

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