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    Jan Ott holding the original manuscript and his first edition of Codex Oera Linda, summer 2021

    Jan Ott (Wijdenes, Westfriesland, 1968) made a new transliteration of the Oera Linda texts and translated them from the original language into English. (Note that Sandbach's translation was based on Ottema's first Dutch translation.) Between 2016 and 2018 this translation was proofread and improved by various native English volunteers. The first printed edition was published in July 2021, titled Codex Oera Linda ~ English edition. The fourth and last printed edition thus far was published October 2022. From mid 2022 to early 2023 it was significantly edited with the help of professional editor and translator Bruce Stafford. The most up to date revised version of Codex Oera Linda can be navigated through this table of contents, either in the original order, or in a more chronological reading order.


    first three editions of Codex Oera Linda
    fourth edition of Codex Oera Linda

    Only printed editions are listed. These were all published by the Oera Linda Foundation (Diever). All editions include the transliteration, list of names and alternative reading order. The hardcover editions also include copies of all manuscript pages.

    • 2021 (July) Codex Oera Linda ~ English edition (hardcover, ISBN 978-90-831650-66)
    • 2021 (November) Codex Oera Linda ~ 2nd English edition (paperback, ISBN 978-90-831650-11)
    • 2022 (August) Codex Oera Linda ~ Full size edition (hardcover, ISBN 978-90-831650-42)
    • 2022 (October) Codex Oera Linda ~ Revised edition (hardcover, ISBN 978-90-831650-28)

    Interviews and presentations

    interviews published online
    channel/ organisation interviewer(s) date rec./publ. (d/m/y) language link(s) edited and/or subtitled version subtitle languages note
    Red Ice Radio Henrik Palmgren 18/28-3-2016 English pt.1: 1h20m pt.2: 54m x x audio
    Aesir Broadcasting Network John Johnson 29/30-9-2016 English full: 1h17m x x audio
    Red Ice TV Henrik Palmgren ?/8-2-2018 English pt.1: 1h40m pt.2: 40m x x
    Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts 3/23-12-2021 English full: 1h7m pt.1: 33m pt.2: 2m15s Danish, Dutch, English, German, Swedish
    V for Valentine Boris van de Ven 31-8/4-9-2022 Dutch full: 2h6m 15 parts: 48m Danish, Dutch, English, German, Swedish
    Frijsia Festival Rypke Zeilmaker 24-9-2022 Dutch/Frisian x fragments: 8m51s Danish, Dutch, English, German, Swedish
    Snorkelblog Nathan, Sun-N-Rad 11-12-2022 English full: 2h26m x x livestream
    De Andere Krant podcast Niels Lunsing 9/12-1-2023 Dutch full: 44m parts: 15m Danish, Dutch, English, German, Swedish audio
    V for Valentine Boris van de Ven 25/29-1-2022 Dutch full: 1h17m x x
    Radio Gletsjer Niels Lunsing, Merlyn van Dobben 14/19-2-2023 Dutch original: 1h18m pt.1: 47m pt.2: 31m Danish, Dutch, English (both-in-one), German, Swedish
    Stichting In-zicht, Joure Oene Hofman 29-3/27-4 to 5-7, 31-12-2023 Dutch 6 parts in playlist: 1h31m Danish, Dutch, English (all-in-one), German, Swedish
    Lewinski Theater, Sneek Erica Krikke 24-5/21-7-23 to 20-1-2024 Dutch long: 1h11m short: 17m38s English
    InnerVerse Podcast Chance Garton, Dylan Saccoccio 18/28-8-2023 English full (excl. pro- / epilogue): 1h53m x x

    Not related to Jan Ottema

    The similarity of the names Jan Ott and Jan Ottema have led to speculations of the first name being a pseudonym. People might also assume that there is a familial relationship. Both assumptions are not true.

    Ottema and Ott male ancestral line
    Handwriting Jan Ott, school master, sexton, secretary and tax collector in Wognum, Westfriesland, 1806/1807