En 15d Frana's Will

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    Ott 2023

    15d. Frana’s Will

    [141/26] Frana’s last will reads thus:[1]

    All good Fryas, hail!

    In the name of Wralda, of Frya, and of freedom, I greet you, and urge you: If I should fall before I have named a successor, I recommend Tuntia, who is burgmaid at the burg Medeasblik. At present, [142] she is the best.


    1. This will may well have been forged, as Adelbrost wrote (ch. 12, [087/25]): “The last mother [i.e., Frana] had never mentioned a favorite and there was no trace of her will.” Tuntia was Adela’s favorite (see ch. 1b, [004/05] and ch. 13b, [091/20]).

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.193] Thus runs Frana's last will: All noble Frisians, Heil! In the name of Wr-alda, of Frya, and of Freedom, I greet you; and pray you if I die before I have named a successor, then I recommend to you Teuntja, who is Burgtmaagd in the citadel of Medeasblik; till now she is the best.

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