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    9c. Kelta and the Gola

    [067/09] Kelta, who was rumored to walk as easily on water as on land, went to the mainland and onward to Massalia. Then came the Gola with their ships, sailing from the Middle Sea to Kaedik and all of our outer lands. Next, they overran Britannia, but they could not get a good foothold there because the stewards had authority and the banished men were still Fryas.

    But now Kelta came, and declared: “You were free-born, but for minor flaws they made you outcasts; not to better you, but to obtain tin through your hands. If you wish to be free again, and live under my counsel and care, then march forth! Weapons you shall have, and I shall watch over you.” This went like lightning over the lands and, before the Bearer’s Yule had completed one circuit, she was mistress over all of them and of the Tyrians, from all our southern territories up to the Seine.

    Because Kelta did not feel secure enough, she ordered a burg to be built in the northern hill country, [068] which was named Kelta’s Burg. (It still exists, but now it is known as ‘Kearenek’.[1]) From this burg she ruled like a legitimate mother — not for, but over her followers, who thenceforth named themselves ‘Kelts’.

    Meanwhile, however, the Gola gradually took control over all of Britannia: firstly, because she had no other burgs; secondly, because she had no burgmaids and thirdly, because she had no proper Lamp. As a result of all this, her folk could not learn. They became dull and listless, were eventually robbed of all their iron weapons by the Gola and, in the end, were led about like a bull by the nose.


    1. ‘Kearenek’ (KÉREN.ÀK) — name seems to suggest Carnac (Breton: Karnag) in northwestern France (Brittany).

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.95 cont.] Kalta, who, people said, could go as easily on the water as on the land, went to the mainland and on to Missellia (Marseilles). Then came the Gauls out of the Mediterranean Sea with their ships to Cadiz, and along all our coasts, and fell upon Britain; but they could not make any good footing there, because the government was powerful and the exiles were still Frisians. But now came Kalta and said: You were born free, and for small offences have been sent away, not for your own improvement, but to get tin by your labour. If you wish to be free again, and take my advice, and live under my care, come away. I will provide you with arms, and will watch over you. The news flew through the land like lightning, and before the carrier's wheel had made one revolution she was mistress of all the Thyriers in all our southern states as far as the Seine.[1] She built herself a citadel on the high land to the north, and called it Kaltasburgh. It still exists under the name of Kêrenak. From this castle she ruled as a true mother, against their will, not for her followers, but over them, who were thenceforth called Kelts.[2] The Gauls gradually obtained dominion over the whole of Britain, partly because they no longer had any citadel; secondly, because they had there no Burgtmaagden; and thirdly, because they had no real lamps. From all these causes the people could not learn anything. They were stupid and foolish, and having allowed the Gauls to rob them of their arms, they were led about like a bull with a ring in his nose.

    Notes Sandbach

    1. Sêjene is the Seine.
    2. Kâltana are the Celts.

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