En 05a Three Principles

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Ott 2023

5. Justice

5a. Three Principles

[040/11] Here are three principles upon which the following regulations are based:

1. Everyone knows that one must have his needs fulfilled. But if a man’s needs are denied, none can say what he may do to preserve his life.

2. All healthy people feel the desire to raise children. If that is hindered, none can say what evil may come of it.

3. Everyone knows that he himself desires to live free and unhindered, and that others wish the same.

Sandbach 1876

[p.59 cont.]These are the Three Principles on which these Laws are founded.

1. Everybody knows that he requires the necessaries of life, and if he cannot obtain them he does not know how to preserve his life.

2. All men have a natural desire to have children, and if it is not satisfied they are not aware what evil may spring from it.

3. Every man knows that he wishes to live free and undisturbed, and that others wish the same thing.


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