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    Ott 2023

    2. On the Walls of Three Burgs

    2a. Festa, Take up your Stylus

    [005/30] The following was inscribed on the walls of Fryas­burg at Texland, as well as at Stavia and Medeasblik:

    [006] It was Frya’s Day, seven times seven years since Festa had been ordained Folksmother according to the will of Frya.[1] The burg Medeasblik was ready and a maid had been chosen. Now it was time for Festa to light the new Lamp, and when that had been done in the presence of the folk, Frya called from her watch-star so that all could hear it:[2] “Festa, take up your stylus and write the things that earlier I had no chance to say.” Festa did as she was bidden, and that is how we, Frya’s children, received our primal history.


    1. ‘Festa’ (FÀSTA) — compare Vesta and Hestia; possibly also the origin of Fosta or Phoseta from Germanic tradition.
    2. ‘watch-star’ (WÁK.STÀRE) — the term WÁK is often used in the context of Folksmothers or burgmaids watching over the well-being of the folk or over the perpetual fire; also see p. [010].

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.11 cont.] This was inscribed upon the walls of Fryasburg in Tex-land, as well as at Stavia and Medeasblik.

    It was Frya's day, and seven times seven years had elapsed since Festa was appointed Volksmoeder by the desire of Frya. The citadel of Medeasblik was ready, and a Burgtmaagd was chosen. Festa was about to light her new lamp, and when she had done so in the presence [p.13] of all the people, Frya called from her watch-star, so that every one could hear it: "Festa, take your style and write the things, that I may not speak." Festa did as she was bid, and thus we became Frya's children, and our earliest history began.

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