En 01a Assembly in Disarray

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    Ott 2023

    Part I. Book of the Adela-Followers

    1. Introduction

    1a. Assembly in Disarray, ca. 560 BCE

    [001] Book of the Adela-Followers

    Thirty years after the day that the Folksmother was murdered by the supreme Magus, things were dismal. All settlements on the other side of the Weser had turned away from us and come under the rule of the Magus, and it was to be feared that he would gain control over all our land. To prevent that evil fate, an Assembly was called, gathering all who were held in good repute among the maidens. But after more than three days and nights, the Assembly was in complete disarray and no progress had been made.

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.5] The Book of Adela's Followers.

    Thirty years after the day on which the Volksmoeder was murdered by the commander Magy, was a time of great distress. All the states that lie on the other side of the Weser had been wrested from us, and had fallen under the power of Magy, and it looked as if his power was to become supreme over the whole land. To avert this misfortune a general assembly of the people was summoned, which was attended by all the men who stood in good repute with the Maagden (priestesses). Then at the end of three days the whole council was in confusion, and in the same position as when they came together.

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