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    The Treasureburg (translation of 'Waraburg') was one of four burgs in West Fleeland in the time of Adela and her daughter Apollania. It was located at the southern head of the Aldergamouth. On its walls, some of the texts were inscribed that were copied in the Book of Adela Followers. It was also the storehouse of exotic and foreign objects brought from overseas, like shells, horns, weapons, and clothes. In the times of Frethorik, the burg was destroyed by water in what must have been a cataclysmic event.

    Ott's preliminary theory is that the location must have been somewhere between Hoorn and Wijdenes (possibly outside the current dykes).


    1c. Names of the Reeves

    [005] Enoch, Diwek’s man, reeve of West Fleeland and Texland, was chosen as sea king nine times. The Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURCH), Medeasblik, Forana, and Old Fryasburg are under his care.

    6. Yule, Script, Numbers

    [045] The following was inscribed on the walls of the Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURGH):

    8a. Magyars and Finns

    [050] The following is inscribed on the Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURCH) at the Aldergamouth: (The Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURCH) is not a maidens’ burg, but contains all the exotic and foreign things that the steersmen brought here. It is located three poles, or a half tide, south of Medeasblik.)

    8c. Tunis and Inka Depart

    [056] All this is inscribed not only on the Treasureburg (WARA.BURGH), but also at the burg Stavia, which lies inland from the port of Staveren:

    13i. Apollania’s Journey

    [110] Finally, we arrived at the Aldergamouth. At the southern head of the harbor stands the Treasureburg (WÁRA.BURCH), a stone building where a variety of shells, horns, weapons, and clothes are kept, brought home from distant lands by the steersmen.

    14a. Fryasland Swamped (implicit mention)

    [116] The other burgs fared the same as ours; in the highlands they were crushed by earth, in the lowlands by water. Only Fryasburg at Texland was found intact, but all the land that had lain northwards was under water and still has not been reclaimed.