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    Pax (talkcontribs)

    Why has maiden in many places been replaced with maid? To me, maid brings the wrong connotations; I think of a girl attending to the manor of a rich family (hence housemaid), whereas maiden makes me think of an unmarried woman (hence maiden name). @Jan @Bruce

    Jan (talkcontribs)

    Bruce's earlier explanation to me (somewhat paraphrased):

    >> A housemaid is the “house girl”, maid itself does not connote someone who cleans for rich people. A maiden is always a young girl, but a maid can also be older. 'Maid' connotes someone who is not or never became married, a virgin of any age. I thought about the idea of using “matron“ for the burg maid, but that doesn’t connote virginity. <<

    I would add the 'Maid of Orleans' as example of not being associated to house-cleaning.

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