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    Lindaheim was somewhere in the Linda Region.


    1c. Names of the Reeves.

    [005/08] Apol, Adela’s man, thrice was he sea king. Now he is reeve of East Fleeland and the Linde regions. The burgs Liudgarda, Lindaheim, and Stavia are under his care.

    4c. Useful Precedents

    [029/12] (Minno was an old sea king, seer, and philosopher. He gave laws to the Cretans. He was born on the banks of the Linde and, after all his wanderings, he had the good fortune to pass away at Lindaheim.)

    16a. Canals and Dykes

    [143] My father wrote how the Linde regions and the Liudgardens were destroyed. Lindaheim lies yet in ruin, the Linde regions partially so.