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    The Jutters are a branch of the Fryas that lived east of the Den-marks. Their name comes from them making a living by way of beach-combing for amber. After the second flood, many of them were carried away by the tide to about Kate's Gate. It would seem the Jutland penninsular is named after them, as that is what they called the land in the Den-marks where they landed (JUTTAR.LÁND: Jutterland). Later we read that the Jutters had fallen to the Magus cult, it being one of their princesses, Frethogunsta, by which Fryasland became sullied with idol-worship. Later Askar, along with the Jutters and Danes, were all lead to trading in slaves due to their people becoming work-shy. A plague is written of by Beden as coming from this use of slaves, which killed large swathes of the Fryas.


    7a. Before the Bad Times.

    Opposite the Denmarks and the Jutterland, we had colonies with a burg maiden from where we won copper and iron, plus tar, pitch, and some other necessities.

    As our land was so great and extensive, we had many different names; those who lived east of the Denmarks were called ‘Jutters’, because almost all they did was ‘jut’ or collect amber on the shores;

    After the great flood of which my father wrote, many Jutters and Lets had been carried out of the ‘Balda’ (Baltic) or rough Sea with the ebb-tide. Near Kate’s Gate they ran ashore at the Denmarks, floating in their boats with the ice, and there they remained.

    Because they did not see any people there, they took possession of the land and named the land Jutterland, after themselves.

    By this arrangement, the Jutters could keep the land to where Wralda had led them.

    While the sea warriors were staying with us, some Jutters had sailed to Texland and then they had been with Friso.

    The Sealanders had stolen many of their sturdiest young men to row on their benches, and of their sturdiest daughters to have children by. The sturdy Jutters could not prevent it, because they had no good weapons.