Chapter List

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This is a list of chapters as they appear in the 3rd ('full size') edition (August 2022) of Codex Oera Linda by Jan Ott.

Letters of Instruction

Part I: The Book of Adela Followers


On the Walls of Three Burgs

Laws and Rights

From Minno’s Writings


Yule, Script, Numbers

On all Burgs 1

Inscribed on the Treasure­burg

Conflict and Migration

On the Eastern Wall of Fryasburg

On all Burgs 2

Part II. Added by Oera Lindas

Adelbrost: Intrigues and Division

Added by Apollania

Added by Frethorik

Added by Wilyo

Added by Koneread

Beden, Son of Haechgana

Rika: Stealing of Titles

The Fourth King after Friso