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    Athenia was a burg.


    4g. Crete.

    When I had thus left Athenia with my people, we finally landed on an island which my people named Crete, because of the wild cries that the inhabitants raised on our arrival.

    9d. Jon and Minerva resettle.

    On Minerva’s advice, it was called Athenia, ‘because’, she said, ‘those who come after us must know that we did not come here by cunning or violence, but were received as allies or “atha”.

    When this had been agreed to, the people asked if Frya’s morals would flourish in Athenia and the other Greeklands. The mother answered:

    When the priests saw that they could not manipulate us the way they wanted, they spread rumors outside of Athenia that we would not accept Minerva as a goddess out of envy, because she had shown the natives so much affection.

    9e. The Geartmen move to Punjab.

    Three months later, Geart evacuated with the most supreme Children of Frya and seven times twelve ships. Some time after they had left the harbor, no less than thirty ships approached from Tyre, with women and children, on their way to Athenia.

    10a. Ulysus' Quest for the Lamp

    From this king a writer of pure Frya’s blood remained here, born at the new port of Athenia.

    He has written the following for us about Athenia, from which we can determine the extent to which the mother Hellight spoke truth when she said that Frya’s customs could not prevail in Athenia.

    10b. Athenia: Miscegenation and Decadence.

    Formerly, all cases in Athenia were pleaded in our language, but afterwards it had to be in both languages, and at last in the native language only.

    In the first years, the Athenian men only took wives of our own race, but as the young men grew up with the native girls, they also took from them.

    If our modest elders came to the general assembly at Athenia to complain about that, people cried: Hear! Hear! A sea hag is going to speak!

    So Athenia has become like a swamp in the hot lands, full of leeches, toads and poisonous snakes, where no decent man would dare to go.

    14d. Alexander the King.

    Then he brought us to the new port of Athenia, whereto all true Frya’s children used to migrate. From there we shipped mercenaries, food supplies and weapons.

    14e. Demetrius and Friso.

    Thereafter, Demetrius attacked Rhodes. We delivered his mercenaries and food supplies. When we arrived from our last voyage to Rhodes, the war was over. Demetrius had sailed to Athenia.