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    Aken is a burg.

    • It is mentioned among those burgs kept by Abelo during his reeveship over the Southern Fleelands, along with Luidburg and Katsburg.
    • Adel and Ifkia also traveled here, four of their servants being killed by reaving Franks.


    16d. Adel and Ifkia

    As they had been descending some time towards the delta, and had reached the region of the old burg Aken, four of their servants were unexpectedly murdered and stripped naked. They had fallen behind a little.

    1c. Names of the Reeves.

    Abelo, Yaltia’s man, reeve of the Southern Fleelands, has been army leader four times. The burgs Aken, Liudburg and Katsburg are under his care.