Adel "The Black"

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    Adel was the third of his name to rule Frisia. He grew to be seven feet tall, and had dark hair, hence his nickname "Black."

    Early life

    As a boy, Adel studied at Fryasburg in Texland. After this, he moved on to Staveren, where he most likely studied at the military academy established by Friso. He then travelled between the many states of the Fryas.

    Election and rule

    Adel was elected asker and law-speaker at the age of 24, after which he pursued a policy of bias on behalf of the poor, against the wealthy. He continued as asker even after becoming king, which he did with the strong support of the poor. He also began a yearly war simulation camp, which steered the youth towards further militarism.

    Military campaigns

    After sailing over to Scotland, Adel entered into a secret alliance with the Kelts, for whom he retook Kaerenek from the Gools. He also established island bases to launch expeditions against the Phoenicians. After the Scottish campaign, he came back with Skots in his retinue as hostages and bodyguards. Due to enemy infiltration, his invasion of the Gools failed. He was captured and mistaken for a low level soldier, which allowed him to be exchanged for a high-level Gool.