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24 September 2023 — The Oera Linda Foundation is currently editing the transcript and refining and expanding the translations. The transcript corrections will make it easier to create a grammatical description of Fryas as well as teaching materials for future students interested in the language.

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Did you know...

  • According to the book, the ancient Northwestern Europeans were called Frya's folk (or simply the Fryas) and spoke only one language, which they called Fryas — and even “God's language.”
  • According to the book, the ancient Northwestern Europeans were not heathens, but believed in only one God, whom they called Wralda (“the Primordial One”).
  • The book was already attacked and ridiculed from all sides before the first translation was published in 1872.
  • The book is often called invented (e.g. on Wikipedia), but that would have required archaeological knowledge that people in the 19th century did not have, as well as an impossible amount of effort, time and money with no hope of any gain.