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Welcome to the Oera Linda Wiki

the online encyclopaedia about the Oera Linda book.
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Codex Oera Linda

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Fryas Language


19 February 2024 — The Oera Linda Foundation is editing the transcription to facilitate the creation of a Fryas grammar and to make it easier to learn the language with consistent spelling. The new revision of Codex Oera Linda, a Dutch translation and a video reading in Fryas are also being worked on.

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Theses (draft)

  • Jensma's 2004 dissertation on Oera Linda is premised on the assumption that it is a 19th-century creation and thus does not answer the question of why the manuscript or its contents cannot be authentic.
  • The alleged evidence against authenticity was given in an 1876 Dutch-language pamphlet and is so lacking in rigor that no one has ever bothered to translate it or confirm its arguments and conclusions.
  • If Oera Linda is so obviously fake it should be easy to prove this in an academic publication, but if the falsity is not obvious, it deserves thorough investigation.