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    4d. About Laws

    [031/04] In my youth, I sometimes complained about the restraints of the laws. Later, I often thanked Frya for her Tex, and our ancestors for the laws that were established upon it. Wralda — or ‘All-feeder’ — has given me many years. Over many lands and seas have I traveled, and after all that I have seen, I am convinced that we alone are privileged by All-feeder to have laws. Lyda’s folk can neither make nor maintain laws. They are too dim and wild for that. Many of Finda’s tribes are clever enough, but they are greedy, haughty, false, unchaste, and murderous.

    Toads puff themselves up, while they can do nothing but creep. Frogs cry: “work, work!”, though they do nothing but hop and fool about. The crows cry: “spare, spare!”, but they steal and devour all they get into their beaks. Like all these is Finda’s folk. They always pride themselves on their good laws; everyone wants to make rules to avert evil, but no one wants to be bound by these themselves. The one whose mind is most cunning, and thus strong, he rules and the others must utterly submit to him until another comes who [032] drives him from his throne.[1]

    Sandbach 1876

    [p.45 cont.] In my youth I often grumbled at the strictness of the laws, but afterwards I learned to thank Frya for her Tex and our forefathers for the laws which they established upon it. Wr-alda or Alvader has given me many years, and I have travelled over many lands and seas, and after all that I have seen, I am convinced that we alone [p.47] are chosen by Alvader to have laws. Lyda's people can neither make laws nor obey them, they are too stupid and uncivilised. Many are like Finda. They are clever enough, but they are too rapacious, haughty, false, immoral, and bloodthirsty.

    The toad blows himself out, but he can only crawl. The frog cries "Work, work;" but he can do nothing but hop and make himself ridiculous. The raven cries "Spare, spare;" but he steals and wastes everything that he gets into his beak.

    Finder's people are just like these. They say a great deal about making good laws, and every one wishes to make regulations against misconduct, but does not wish to submit to them himself. Whoever is the most crafty crows over the others, and tries to make them submit to him, till another comes who drives him off his perch.


    1. ‘he rules’ — lit.: ‘his rooster crows king’ (expression).

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